What is most effective Jax's first big item?

#21Chrikke666Posted 4/6/2013 7:13:56 AM
Rageblade is the one item that gives hybrids the most powerful midgame possible. Of course that does mean you'll get your lategame items a lot later.
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#22EDumeyPosted 4/6/2013 8:14:13 AM
Yeah, the way o play Jax doesn't let me complete an item for quite a while. Tier 2 boots, cutlass, sheen, and a giants belt all come before completing anything. From that point, landing is either over or too close to the roaming phase to really care too much about lane sustain. So I just decide what to go from there. Usually a Gun blade/Botrk before a Warmogs. Sometimes I rush right for a Trinity Force if I'm fed.
#23ThyCorndogPosted 4/6/2013 8:48:26 AM
I like to go Gunblade -> Rageblade
but I'm sure the other options work as well
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