What if Sightstone gave gold per 5?

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What was the point of removing Heart of Gold then?
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Quote:g-cube_masta posted...
^ Nah you should still be getting sightstone, you just don't have to uber rush it anymore. Just grab a few wards each base, strong pink control for the first few bases then get sightstone around the 10-15 minute mark.

then go about your build normally and grab ruby once it's around 25 minutes and baron is starting to be contested.

He's saying that newer players just grab the sightstone and think that they never have to buy wards of any sort ever again in that game.


I was saying this. But let's face it by the 10-15 mark if rather have a kindlegem for locket or be on my way to an aegis if my jungler isn't. It really is just something I never seem to get anymore. I can see its uses on more tanky champs like leona but for janna/lulu which are my usual picks it seems a bit meh.
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Fenrir the Wolf posted...
It essentially does already because you're getting free wards

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Best item in the game becoming even more OP? Sign me up bro.
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