Holy crap Nasus is awesome

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KrKABUT0 posted...
Just gonna bump this because Nasus is ****ing awesome. I can't even begin to describe the satisfaction I get when the other team goes "WTF HE WAS 0/2 HOW DID HE GET A TRIPLE?" or something like that.

Happened to me yesterday. I was jungling him, got invaded and 1st blooded on. Invaded a few more times. I was 0-4. After farming straight for 25 minutes, I ran out of the jungle and got a quadra on near full enemies. If you can farm his Q up well, you can 2 shot squishies every 5 seconds.
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Inevitable wither nerfs pretty much.
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Last Whisper. Increases your Q damage if they build armor.
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nasus is free tomorrow

expect 10x more terribad nasus's
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here is a good guide for jungle nasus http://www.lolpro.com/guides/nasus/508-nasus-build-guide-jungle-by-iwdominate
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Any more advice on final items/builds? For last I tend to get a Bork or Trinity Force.
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bump would like more advice
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Such a broken champion.. srsly. Go jungle, ???, Free wins all day.

He is also the 2nd worst ADC nightmare, right next to Zed.
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Spam Q, make iceborn gauntlet and sunfire cape, have some fun.
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I quite like Zekes. CDR and even moar lifesteal that your allies can benefit from too.

Only problem is finding room for it.
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