Smh: People who are farming bot/top, when there's 5 enemies at our mid tower...

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Its called backdooring and can be an extremely effective strategy if the enemy team is pack hunting.


I got all the way to a inhib. in a match cause none of the enemy team went after me cause they were trying to get to our base.

Not only that, if they did try to stop me, that would take people away from my teammates turning a 4v5 at our turret into a 4v4 or 4v3 at our turret.

I love how you guys are all giving "hypothetical" solutions. Read my topic again. I clearly stated everything. Of course backdooring is fine, but this guy was FARMING bot. He was not backdooring. The minions were still on our side of the map. There were 5 enemies at our mid lane, 4 of us defending at mid, while this guy still just happily derping/farming bot, oblivious to anything else happening on the map. Learn to comprehend a topic first before posting pointless criticism.
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More Hello_indigo calling people dumb while demonstrating his stupidity.

Go figure LoL board.

More Dartkun insulting people and not contributing at all to anything on the boards. Lol please go away now troll.
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Pls I just wanna farm.
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teh_hellspawn posted...
Pls I just wanna farm.

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If you are 4v5 and you die fighting, then it's your own fault for engaging or get caught, not the guy who's farming top/bot.
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If you're doing okay, it may be beneficial to have someone split pushing while you are 4v5 on a turret in the early-mid. The tower can make up for one of your heroes missing unless it's very late in the game.

So the idea is to hold the fort while one of your guys takes objectives.
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Unless the enemy team has the advantage even in a 4v5+tower scenario, I'd rather be off pushing a lane since I could potentially get an objective out of the deal. Or at the very least I'd draw away some of the pressure on mid.

The key word here is "pushing" though. You shouldn't be off freezing a sidelane when there's a standoff in mid. Push forward and make something happen.
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Why would I waste time when I'm certain you can defend the tower 4v5?

If we're that far behind, I wouldn't be there in the first place, and if we're even, they're not going to engage under tower unless you get caught.
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Raymond posted...
If you are 4v5 and you die fighting, then it's your own fault for engaging or get caught, not the guy who's farming top/bot.

This. 4v5s are easily won under a turret unless the turret is only a couple his away from death in which case you want a teammate pushing another lane and taking a free tower so that you come out even.
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I'm sorry, I'm teemo and their top inhib was just taken at the 20 minute mark. What was that you were whining about?
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