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3 years ago#11
So spirit of the golem is ass now? Oh well last time i checked its the league of ruined atmogs anyway.
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3 years ago#12
Hmm... lane Akali got really hurt, but gets stronger after ~250AP.

Old Akali Q:
- Mark: 145 (+40% AP)
- Consume: 145 (+40% AP)
- Total: 290 (+80% AP)
New Akali Q
- Mark: 115 (+40% AP)
- Consume: 145 (+55% AP)
- Total: 260 (+95% AP)
3 years ago#13
Wow... I love that Spirit of the Ancient Golem change. Cheaper and they added CDR?! Yes please! I'll take that trade for the armor any day!
3 years ago#14
From: shadowtemari | #011
So spirit of the golem is ass now? Oh well last time i checked its the league of ruined atmogs anyway.

10% CDR makes it infinitely more appealing for tanky junglers than it used to be. If you're desperate for armor you can still get locket, sunfire, or randuin, after all.
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3 years ago#15
Aphoristic posted...
infinitexx posted...
Some of these buffs truly confuse me. No idea why they were needed.

Vanye is to make Condem match her autos. Corki's is a dumb way to avoid giving him lowered mana costs. Morgana did have some stupid mana costs. Nami still won't see use. Nautilus still needs a meta shift to see use. Nunu's buff is whatever. Urgot might maybe do something... maybe.

The Udyr change is confusing. The damage change seems like they refined what they were testing (which was just switching it to physical). Not sure how good or bad that will be for him. The only other thing that confuses me is the new persistent effect on it. It seems like an error.

Ancient Golem buff was needed, but Riot must hate the Lizard Elder a lot. This is like the 3rd nerf to it in a row, isn't it?

I don't think its a buff to ancient golem, then again I play tanky junglers mostly (ie rammus and maokai) so this is a rather crappy tradeoff in my opinion. In fact, on rammus I won't even bother getting ancient golem, ill just rush sunfire since golem now has no purpose on him
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3 years ago#16
I don't get the Condemn one. Its current range is 450, but the patch notes make it sound like it was 575. I don't see the model accounting for 125 range.

Also, I never really had mana problems with Morgana even if I never get blue.

Jesus I can't wait to try tanky AD Udyr.
3 years ago#17
If the SotAG change goes through, I wonder how long it will be before they add the 10% CDR on all of the Spirit of the (blah) items to the Spirit Stone itself.
3 years ago#18
Aphoristic posted...
Vanye is to make Condem match her autos.

Wasn't Condemn 450 range before, and now it's way longer than her AA range?
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3 years ago#19
uhhh whats urgot?
3 years ago#20
AA range is calculated from the edge of the model but ability ranges are calculated from the center of the model.

That's where the discrepancy is, just a nuance of LoL.
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