should they do a console version of LoL

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NicoGrimm posted...
No, but Id love some sort of single player adventure game based on the lore. With like diverging paths based on who you choose.

I agree. Following the tales of the champs could be interesting. But with so many champions they would really need to break it down into multiple arcade style releases.
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I was thinking mor elike, you'd get to play 1 or 2 champs from each faction, or whatever it is they're called.

Like maybe Draven and Darius from Noxus, and J4/Garen and Lux from Damacia, and Kaitlin and Vi from Piltover, etc.
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The major issue with doing any console version of a MOBA is being able to see the whole map at the click of a mouse. I'm sure they could come up with something that makes sense for targeting, but yeah...playing someone like Shen top trying to move your screen down to bot for an ult gank could take too much time compared to being able to do it on a computer.