what if EVERY skill had 15 levels(except the ultimates)?

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2 years ago#1
imagine if you could level ANY skill 15 times(plus max ult) at the cost of only having that skill

it scaled as it does now except further

would you like that or hate it?

I imagine Jax's lvl 15 counterstrike would have 1000 damage at lvl 15
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2 years ago#2
Karthus? I don't think so Tim.
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2 years ago#3
750 base damage Soraka Es that silence for 5 seconds. :v

No cooldown Leona Qs that also deal 460 bonus damage.
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2 years ago#4
Nidalee spears.
2 years ago#5
So wait,blitz's grab loses 1 second of cd each level,so it has a 5 second cd at 15?
Yep it's worth losing all of your other skills for that.
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2 years ago#6
Hmmmm. Alpha Strike.
2 years ago#7
Zilean's CD reset.
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2 years ago#8
Skarner Q
Ryze wouldn't do it
Bear W would be hilarious (1 auto=2.5 AS)
Blitz Q would be funny, but I'd go for Blitz E personally (Zero cooldown, 35 mana lawlz...you are literally hitting people based off autoattack delay only - have fun NEVER MOVING AGAIN)
Nidalee Spear=1 One shot

Cass Q would be fine
Malphite Q=Root now and has no cooldown and you move a billion miles an hour
Rammus E would be the ONLY CC you'd ever need (8 Second taunt on a 6 second cooldown lawlz) - same with fiddle fear
Khazix W is now a pentakill every cast
Vayne can never be caught because LOLCondemn/Tumble, same with Trist, Graves, Corki and Ezreal
MF's Double Up makes laning a pain in the ass (more than it already does)
Taric's W makes everyone on his team immortal..... and makes them all deal true damage (150 armor reduc yo)
2 years ago#9
Nasus could just say screw spirit fire and get a 0 second cd Q and a Wither that drops you to 110 MS and and 0 Attack speed.

Oh and Warwick can permanently give himself 180% attack speed and his team 90%.
2 years ago#10
Taric's stun now gains 0.1 seconds of extra stun every level it has now, right?

2+ second point and click stun.
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  3. what if EVERY skill had 15 levels(except the ultimates)?

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