So I'm thinking that the upcoming Anivia skin is tied to the Freljord patch

#11WebBowserPosted 4/3/2013 10:05:32 AM
Crystal.... Skarner?
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_HeX posted...
Darkyellow327 posted...
Wouldn't her default Ice Bird skin be the most fitting for the wintry hellscape that is Freljord?

I guess you should read the Quinn and Valor journals.

Are you implying that Anivia is related to the Ice Witch?

Otherwise, I'm not really sure why she'd be changed by the events in Journey Into Freljord.
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There is the chance that the skin is linking Anivia to Lissandra.
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WebBowser posted...
Crystal.... Skarner?

I read this in Solid Snake's voice...
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I called it.
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