Quints and reds for Kayle?

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2 years ago#1
I'm assuming hybrid pen reds would be the ideal, but I don't own a set and dont plan on buying them, so what is the runner-up? I could see arguments for attack speed or magic pen (or practically anything, really). And which quints? Seems like AP, AS or AD could be good.

And what for jungle? (I'm assuming it's a different setup here.)
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2 years ago#2
Kayle is pretty versatille, hybrid pen and attack speed runes are great if you want more DPS, but straight AP is great if you want to deal a ton of burst with the Q for early lane dominance.

I just use the runes that I use for AP carries on Kayle and it works just fine, for jungle you should probably use a standard jungling runepage.
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2 years ago#3
MPen/AP on AP Kayle (best Kayle), AS (or AS/MPen mix) on jungle to help speed up early clears.
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2 years ago#4
are you playing ad or ap kayle?

mpen reds and ap quints are decent choices for ap

ad reds and MS or ad quints are good for ad

though other setups can work too, ad reds on ap kayle aren't terrible because she uses AA's a lot, and that extra ad is nothing to sneeze at. MS quints are useful on mids as it benefits roaming, however kayle does have her heal for extra MS.

you can also do other things like ap blues, and take other quints. Or forego armor yellows and grab some extra mana regen in yellows.

notable runes include:

as reds, ad reds, hybrid pen reds
scaling health yellows, armor yellows,mana regen yellows, gp5 yellows
ap blues or mr blues
AP quints, MS quints, AD quints, AS quints

AS reds and MS quints are probably your best choice for jungle, because they work well and because they are a general jungle page.
2 years ago#5
I like hybrid pen marks for damage optimization

currently I use movespeed quints on her but you can use plenty of different kinds.
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