400$ account permabanned :)

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What offense does "threaten to afk" go under? Negative attitude?

Or how about something like a person that isn't afk, but clearly quits on the team and just dances in the base when the game is out of hand?
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g-cube_masta posted...
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AK47plz posted...
rip in peace

Someone either dosen't know what RIP stands for or this is a meme I don't get.

Also using a quick search function no one else pointed this out, what the hell GameFaqs? You're supposed to be so quick at getting on someone for getting some little thing wrong.
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It's a meme.
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injustice! Gods AMONG us!
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I think permabanning anyone is completely extreme.
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Do what I do, and play since beta but never give Riot a dime because they're an awful company
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From: KainDrag0oN | #008
It's hard when you're 2000 elo and people still make you lose. Hard.

I may come off as a dick or whatever, but what in the **** does elo have to do with anything man? I get that youve accepted why you've gotten banned and whatnot, but why are you randomly pulling elo into this? I think somewhere you said "being diamond or 2k ELOs and having ur team go 0-15 is just too much to take" that **** makes me want to knock someone out. Like, your the person that sits there and complains when i have a bad game and go 0-1019032? you actually care when other people do bad? I mean, you are BOUND TO HAVE GAMES where people are just not mentally there, and they slip, at EVERY elo. At challenger elo i have games where people (myself included) straight up just feed their lane until the game is completely over and have nothing to say but OOPS. It just HAPPENS, is it really worth getting suspended and banned over? Like, you NEVER feed or do poorly? Because then you should be up there with Iwilldominate in the i-almost-made-it-to-lcs category. oh wait, even pros have garbage games which they admit to doing poorly in, and arent quick to jump the gun on blaming everyone else they possibly can in a rage.
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Taurus910 posted...
BIadeBIade posted...
My Mabinogi account that I spent ~2,400$ on over the years was recently banned for hacking I did a year and a half ago.

I hope you respond because I really want to know how you can end up spending that much money on one game

i'm going to assume that he bought a $10 card a week so he could progress his character further.

No, i'm not kidding. That's actually how that game works. Probably paid more every time a $25 pet came out as well.