So did anyone else get a survey from Riot?

#1XxMistahKrazyxXPosted 4/4/2013 5:14:45 PM
About 30 minutes ago I received an email from Riot asking me to take a survery, so I decided to take it. The survery started off with generic questions about my age, gaming, League, etc. Then it went into deep questioning regarding skins.

It asked about the types of skins I owned, regular, legacy, earned, or limited edition. Many of the questions, and even with some questions statements were given, regarding Legacy and Limited Edition skins, and a bit of Earned. The questions had to do a lot with reasoning to buy certain skins, and what they mean to you as a player.

They stated in a few of the questions that certain things were brought up on the forums, so pretty much this is why they are asking these questions in the survey. Majority of these being about people wanted Limited Edition skins (Skins available for a short time, and NEVER available again) to be resold in the store. They stated that 99% of the current player base wouldn't have a chance to have bought most of these skins.

Some things they mentions were in regards to ways to offer these rarer skins to current players. For earned skins, some suggestions were making them available in shop, but skins would have titles to go with them, like "Victorious Janna - Earned" for someone who earned it, where as if you bought it, it would say "Victorious Jana". For limited edition skins it would be something like "Red Card Katarina - First Edition". They also mentioned ways to obtain certain skins, like would it be ok for players to earn certain skins if they played VERY WELL with said champion, or played MANY games with said champion.

I'm guessing all this is about Riot trying to make more money, but the main thing I'm getting is that a lot of players who couldn't have gotten many of these skins want them, so they want things changed so they can get them. At the end of the survey they asked questions on what you think about skins being obtainable via certain means. They even brought up a thing about being able to sell your own skins to other players, most likely for RP or IP.

I'm wondering what you all thnk about this. I personally, being someone who has played since early 2010 and own all over the limited edition skins, don't want them to be sold in the shop. If you weren't around when the game came out, then too bad. Things happen. There are plenty of games I play that I didn't play early enough to get some rare items not available anymore, but it doesn't bother me, i just move on. I don't mind either way what Riot does, but I just wanna know how other people feel about it.

I do like being the only person i ever see using Red Card or Kitty Cat Katarina though...

tl;dr Riot trying to make money on older unavailable skins. Should limiteds be resold, or have ways to obtain them?
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wow am I like the only person they asked to take this survey... >.>
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Run a virus scan and change your password lol. Those surveys are scams 90% o fthe time
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Nope. Last survey I got was one question, something along the lines of 'do you like Zac's design and particles?'

Oh, via email, nm, I was talking about one of the in-client ones.
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You should have told them that I would pay $50 for pumpkinhead fiddlesticks if they resold it. That would have been the right answer.
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#6XxMistahKrazyxX(Topic Creator)Posted 4/4/2013 5:38:53 PM
it was a legitimate survey from Riot, it was through Qualtronics, a known web survey service.

I've also seen many of these forum posts in regards to older skins and people wanting to buy them.

Someone in chat right now on LoL was talking about the survey, so I know i'm not the only person that got it
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Luigy2693 posted...
Run a virus scan and change your password lol. Those surveys are scams 90% o fthe time

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Hopz_7 posted...
You should have told them that I would pay $50 for pumpkinhead fiddlesticks if they resold it. That would have been the right answer.

Why would that be the right answer? Why would I spend $50 for something I got for i dunno, like $8ish when it came out?
#9twopoundcowPosted 4/4/2013 5:48:10 PM
I wouldn't say no to them being resold. I want Nutcracko so badly.
#10XxMistahKrazyxX(Topic Creator)Posted 4/4/2013 5:54:23 PM
And also don't quote or require the guy about running virus scan or changing my password

I opened my email and took the survey from my cell phone. So it won't do anything to my comp or risk security.

I'm more interested on peoples thoughts on these ideas