My goal: Reach gold by the end of season 3

#41xSighx(Topic Creator)Posted 4/6/2013 7:25:15 PM
So I played my first ranked game, and big surprise, Darius goes top and feeds Jax 8 kills, Blitzcrank buys 1 ward all game (green ward for baron...not pink...what...) and I'm playing Kennen so I can stun and make plays and initiate but I can't survive much, not when our front lines are griefers...

Ugh ranked is so frustrating ;______;

I know that it's just one bad game and if I play 100, maybe I'd get 20 troll games on my side, and 25 troll games on the other side, and so I'd have 55% of games where everyone is taking the game seriously and in that case I should win because I'm the only person in silver 5 who wards or last hits apparently...XD but idk it's just so depressing to lose 20 points game after game when I'm trying my hardest and doing my job of buying wards and landing skill shots and it just. doesn't. matter. because. trolls.