Focus on wards rather than items as support

#21DogmanwalkingPosted 4/5/2013 11:13:32 AM
Not saying I don't buy wards as support, but I DO work towards other items as well, unless of course, you want a useless support that feeds the enemy everytime a teamfight happens.
I try to have at least 3 wards from every back from base, if buying an item I am working towards would not leave me enough money for wards, I wait on the item to ensure proper wardage. Still, as support I'm not exactly stitting on a mound of gold, I'm happy to have 2-3 wards in laning phase and 4-5 in late game going, but if you want more complete ward coverage quit being cheap and shell out a whopping 75G for a ward. When everybody wards, everybody wins.