Your fav champ...

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Is now plowed, and he was the designated driver, take me through your night.

Draven said sure Rich, you guys have fun I'll have a couple of sodas and chill, next thing I know he's singing the Noxian national anthem swinging his shirt around like a lasso. We have to walk back to his place, all the while him telling me that his name is wrong in my phone, telling me it should be "Draaaaaaven". We finally get to his house and he passes out. I then proceed to take his axes and hide them, man he's going to be so pissed in the morning!
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What did you do to him after he passed out?
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Let's get this going gamefqs!
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i don't think Volibear or MF would be good designated drivers
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Bump, anyone want to try?
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So I asked Miss Sona where she needed to go.....

This next 10 secs on this clip is the closest I can explain what happened...
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Me: Rammus, you think you can drive?
Rammus: OK.
*proceeds to crash into a fire hydrant and hilarity ensues*
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