Out of nowhere,people have started banning Hecarim....

#11SorrySleepingPosted 4/6/2013 11:36:02 AM
From: 3l3lm3nt | #004
Hecarim released: Worst champion evar omg liek so bad

Season three hits, two of Hecarim's favorite items are buffed and he gets a third offensive item that works crazily well with him and the three items give him CRAZY tankiness and 40% CDR

People start playing him: Oh ehem gee he too stronk dah ganks

I hate this game. On topic though, I've had success with Maokai when Hecarim is banned. He's still really strong, and as you said, offers great ganks and CC throughout the game.

I like to use Nocturne too, but he's not amazing. I don't have any experience with Jarman, I think you'd be safe with either him or Maokai though. Pretty string picks all around.

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