Anyone want to make a Ranked 5's team?

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Our Team Name is "The Spiral Kings" aka [EnkiSK].
Jungler: Kamina

i lol'd

What can I say I have the best Username ever.

your top needs to rename to simon and main rumble

Sadly Simon is a Level 2 account with some games. Gotta wait for a reset on names again hopefully that will be up. Though ExceedingLimits is a very manly name for this team. One Kamina would approve of.
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I'd join but I'm a jungler main and I don't really want to support someone I don't know :3
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Soljah posted...
depends what times you play and how active you need me. I work like 60 hours a week right now and my playtime is limited to 1 or 2 games every other day.

when did you get here soljah
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If anyone is interested, PM me. Still looking for people around Gold League skill-wise.