So our Tryn jungler never left jungle til 11

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3 years ago#11
So many bads in here.

Ganking isn't only for the benefit of the laner, if you stay in the jungle and don't gank you're guaranteed to fall behind the laners. Ganking mid and helping them win lane allows them to roam top and bot, making your job that much easier. Ganking bot gets your carry fed. Both can result in an easy dragon. Even unsuccessful ganks can lead to burned summoners, wasted pots, and forcing the enemy out of lane.
3 years ago#12
He could have been feeding. So you probably got lucky
3 years ago#13
Really, just spin over a wall, AA to apply Red Buff, and use your W to slow them. Honestly, the only excuse someone can have for not at least showing up after hitting level 4 is that all the lanes are pushed and there's no way to find the jungler and do a counter gank.
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3 years ago#14
Ganking is a part of jungling but not the only one

if you have a jungler like tryn, who wants to just farm safely, then you gotta play safe and not expect ganks.
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3 years ago#15
From: TomorrowDog | #010
At least he is powerfarming and presumably not dying or surrendering buffs to the enemy jungler. I'd count your blessings. There are passive bads you can carry, and then there are bads who aggressively lose games.

This. I'd rather take that Tryn, assuming he doesn't feed post-11, than those junglers who go Blue -> Red -> Tower dive bot and give 3 minute double buffs.
3 years ago#16
He didn't want to say it but all of your lanes were losing already and the enemy gained map dominance. He knew any attempts to gank would lead into a counter gank or the enemy was fed enough to fight 1v2 and 2v3's.
3 years ago#17
ITT TC lost lane and is pointing the finger on someone else instead of admitting he's mad that he's bad.
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