So I decided to track what champions were picked or banned in the LCS this week.

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Weird how Vi isn't picked. Guess she's better in solo queue or something?

She's one of Crumbzz's favorites. Just wasn't used this particular week.
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infinitexx posted...
EDumey posted...
You could probably find stats from the entirety of LCS elsewhere with some simple Google magic.

There's this:

When did Ziggs get picked? I wanna watch that game.
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47/111 = 42.34% ... just saying
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MF, Varus, Ashe have useful ultimates. Kog, Cait or Trist have better range, Ezreal has a similar escape on a much shorter cooldown, Draven is stronger.

I wonder why when people do these overviews of champions they only go down the list of what other champions do better and don't list off the reverse. That might actually be a meaningful comparison then and not a waste of the reader's time.
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47/111 = 42.34% ... just saying

Gah, you're right.

I accidentally wrote 67.66 when it should have been 57.66, and then subtracted that from 100 to get the second number.

My bad.
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