Should I get Teemo or Yorick (Ranked Bronze SoloQ)

#1peetotPosted 4/7/2013 12:30:06 PM
Teemo or Yorick? - Results (36 votes)
36.11% (13 votes)
61.11% (22 votes)
2.78% (1 votes)
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I like playing champs whom are pain in the ass to lane against (Ziggs, Malz, Draven are my mains).

Teemo is f***ing annoying and so is Yorick and I need a new solid top laner. My only top lane I'm good with is Irelia (I tried Jayce but I'm not very good with him).

So, who's better for yoloQ?

I put Other, but please don't reccomend Renekton. I know he's extremely solid but I don't want to learn him just yet. Not interested in Darius, maybe interested in Singed.
#2mattislegionPosted 4/7/2013 12:31:52 PM
I've been playing Teemo top. He is such an a****** to lane against.
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#3peetot(Topic Creator)Posted 4/7/2013 12:38:22 PM
mattislegion posted...
I've been playing Teemo top. He is such an a****** to lane against.

Yeah, I know. I have a feeling people are voting Yorick just because everyone hates Temmo haha
#4EDumeyPosted 4/7/2013 12:42:32 PM
Both are usually considered "Win lane Lose game" champs. Though Teemo scales well into late game and Yorick survivability and utility is still really high.

I vote Yorick simply because he can deny the top laners more. Teemo may win, but Yorick has more potential to shut down. In low Elo queues, making one of the enemy team useless is going to do a lot more for your team than being another damage source.

That said, Singer would also be a great pick to learn as far as simply contributing to your team and having a great use out of laning.
#5shadyelfPosted 4/7/2013 12:48:58 PM
Teemo's a pain to lane against but after laning he's generally useless. I've seen a Teemo do really well mid (full stacked mejais) and even then his team had a tough time closing the game. Yorick is good but team dependent, I'd rather go with someone who has hard CC and/or can output lots of damage.