Ever s*** yourself during a game because you had to be there for your team?

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3 years ago#21
so just do what I do... hold it until you have a break, and take the laptop to the bathroom with you.
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3 years ago#22
Is TC like 80 and wear diapers normally?

How can you not hold it? When I start feeling like I need to poop I dont have to do it in the next 10 minutes or ill **** myself.

I could easily hold it for at the very least and hour... and TC said he didnt even notice anything till half way through the match. Literally cant hold it for 15 minutes? You need to see a doctor cause you have prostate issues.

Before TC comes in and goes 'but it was a 7 hour match' show us the LoLKing.
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3 years ago#23
True gamers always have a bucket nearby just in case. Its what separates the men from the boys...
3 years ago#24
What the freckle.
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3 years ago#25
From: Earthbound360 | #009
You can buy new pants.
You can't buy a new turret.

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3 years ago#26
Honestly, if I have to go to the bathroom during a game, I just die and then go during the death timer. If I come back like a minute late, I say "Sorry I was shopping and couldn't find *insert item here*"

Works every time.
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3 years ago#27
As long as it doesn't get the team screwed over, and you give a reason for it/were doing well beforehand, I'm ok with a short (3-5 minute or less) AFK. For example, I was playing with a Draven the other day, supporting him as Thresh. We won our lane pretty hard pretty early, and he suddenly types in chat, "Oh ****, I need to help my grandpa, sorry for afk." About four minutes later he comes back - I've gotten pushed back a little and our turret is taking some heat, but we didn't lose anything and I got some much-appreciated farm from killing minions. He trotted right back down the lane and we proceeded to win the game within the next ten minutes.

Alternatively, another game had a Master Yi who would play for 5 minutes, leave for 5 minutes, play for 5 minutes, etc. and never explained why or what he was doing, and even though when he played well when he was there, I reported him for AFK. Maybe I'm too quick to believe people, but if they give a reason, any reason really, and it doesn't get us screwed, I don't report, as long as the afk was short and they came back.
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3 years ago#28
eye_gouger posted...
It has NOTHING to do with that. I barely ate and was perfectly fine up until the middle of the game.
There was absolutely no way of predicting it would happen.

Then go see a doctor, it is clearly a medical issue.
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3 years ago#29
I've held craps in so bad that my stomach hates me. My poops are so explosive that walking afterwards is challenging. I have to park my segway right outside the door so I can ride it back to my computer chair.
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3 years ago#30
REAL gamers wear diapers. No need to get up at all.
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