Do passives stack now?

#1GreatKiraLordPosted 4/8/2013 10:25:44 AM
Sorry for stupid question but when did this happen?
Will this be in the upcoming patch?
Or is thus not in effect without any future confirmation
Sorry again but I just saw the other thread about this And I wasn't very sure since I'm new to this game and all.
#2FelazanPosted 4/8/2013 10:27:21 AM
Unique passive on items will never stack
#3ERLiNoPosted 4/8/2013 10:27:24 AM
It will never happen, was just a what if post.
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#4Walker_RealPosted 4/8/2013 10:27:28 AM
The thread was a theoretical
#5GreatKiraLord(Topic Creator)Posted 4/8/2013 10:28:31 AM
Oh i see thanks
I was confused sorry
#6ManTigerPosted 4/8/2013 10:30:30 AM
I said it in the other thread
It's hypothetical and didn't happen