Support Leblanc Beats Support Kennen

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User Info: m0k3tal1ty

3 years ago#1
You should know this is true (especially you PATCH)

User Info: Alastreon

3 years ago#2
I got a quad as support Lb,so yes,yes she is.
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User Info: MhkaMAth

3 years ago#3
I only clicked on this topic to say whoa you finally made that account on here.
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User Info: Beech_tibs

3 years ago#4
crappy support beats non-support

a lot of people are sheep so they won't believe a champion is strong until a pro says so

User Info: xRustySpoon

3 years ago#5
negative win/loss
Get dumpstered.
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User Info: GotTheGreens

3 years ago#6
xRustySpoon posted...
negative win/loss
Stop! You've violated the law! Pay the court fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.

User Info: g-cube_masta

3 years ago#7
And patch originally wanted to be a support main

it all makes sense now. Support LB dunked on him and that's why he hates her.
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User Info: OnionOfMystery

3 years ago#8
Why were both ADC's building so dumb
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User Info: Herostratus_

3 years ago#9
From: OnionOfMystery | #008
Why were both ADC's building so dumb

From: xRustySpoon | #005
negative win/loss
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User Info: jdyoungs

3 years ago#10
OnionOfMystery posted...
Why were both ADC's building so dumb

Can you extrapolate? Provided that Vayne went BotRK->PD contrary to what the item screen suggests, it seems like a reasonable way to go if she could never seem to get enough for a BF. MF building 2 AS items with no BF items seems like some loss of dps, but lets her push harder against vayne who has trouble pushing/counter-pushing, which makes me think "so dumb" is a bit harsh of a description. I'm not saying you're wrong though, as I have trouble knowing what to build when on adcs, so I just want to know what makes each build "so dumb" so I can avoid making similar errors in my own games. ^^
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