Just got to play Draven for the first time in ARAM...

#1ArwenTinuvielPosted 4/8/2013 8:58:36 PM
I actually played quite a bit of ADC (my favorite being Tristana, Ashe, Caitlyn...etc), so if I was fun trying out Draven for the first time.

I'll admit that his damage is absolutely ridiculous, but is it just me (because it's my first time), or does it feel like a lot of time you're wasting time catching axes then actually attacking? Early game when you don't have a lot of Attack speed, it might feel ok running to get them, but once you have a PD, you wasting upwards of like half a second to a second running to where your axe is instead of attacking. Also, it feels like the area where the axe will drop is ridiculously far...
#2DepressedOtterPosted 4/8/2013 9:00:12 PM
Once you learn how to orb walk better catching axes becomes less tedious. Plus your attack speed is fine. Draven is basically Q>AA>Catch Q>W>Q>Catch axes and just spam W
#3ineedaname88Posted 4/8/2013 9:04:19 PM
It can feel like that at first with Draaaaven but it's not at all that bad especially if you get used to 2 axes. There's a decent ability curve with Draaaaaven.
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