Who is the easiest champ to play while inebriated?

#11ssj4supervegetaPosted 4/11/2013 5:37:15 AM
I can play gp pretty well when i drink lots of captain morgan and listen to pirate metal
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#12ryanaPosted 4/11/2013 5:38:41 AM
Yi or Garen
#13Susan0Posted 4/11/2013 5:56:09 AM
Akali is mai Waifu desu~
#14BirdFluFTWPosted 4/11/2013 6:00:33 AM
Play the singed drinking game... Every time you use insanity potion you have to drink your own insanity potion (a shot) then all you have to do is just press q and run around spamming laugh. Not only easy but also a lot more entertaining drunk
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#15moldy987Posted 4/11/2013 6:10:10 AM
I usually just play support when I'm in that mind state...
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#16HyperShadow4321Posted 4/11/2013 8:59:50 AM
I would probably say Singed. Run2Win.
#17Triguns VashPosted 4/11/2013 1:56:27 PM
LazyKenny posted...

Alcohol increases grab accuracy. It's amazing.

I saw this once.

I was Cait, friend was Blitz (drunk). We were against MF/Pantheon. Were were the team on the top-right of the map (can't remember if that's blue or purple side)

We're pushed to tower, last hitting minions and getting poked down. Blitz does a grab, but instead of being towards Panth and MF, he grabs behind us towards the jungle tri-brush. He pulls Hec (we had no wards/vision near jungle or river, no way to know he was there) to tower, right on to a Cait trap, and Hec aggros turret right away. Got FB at the 10-minute mark with this random drunken blind-behind-the-back Blitz grab.

Good times.
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