What support should I want as Ashe?

#21iPWNtheNoobs(Topic Creator)Posted 4/14/2013 10:22:58 AM
Hmm. Janna and Nunu are nice, both give her steroids to make up for it. Janna is quite cool, you ult, she shields, you auto and volley with that extra AD. + She peels very nicely with that ult, slow and her tornado. I'm liking janna.

Soraka is nice if against a simple ADC, but as I said, Ashe + Soraka vs Leona + MF, you are **********.

Hmm, taric sounds good too, he stuns you land a few quick hits. + He has a nice heal. Leona looks like good double ult and you can do more damage with her passive.
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