It's always the people who talk the most trash in champ select are....

#1happyscrub1Posted 4/16/2013 12:06:11 PM(edited)
usually the ones that fail the hardest in game.

Example: This lee sin top and Leona just complain complain about my bans and champ pick. All champ select they are like, "OMG, WTF, fail," Supid this, stupid that.

Game starts and Leona gives FB which starts a snowballing Darven who goes legendary.

Lee sin goes heal/ignite and goes like 0/3/0 in laning. Then he proceeds to split push the rest of the game without the ability to solo anyone on their team but their support.

I'm just sitting mid while zoning and farming, just waiting for the end of the game soon so I could return the LOLs back.

#2UnderwaterAirPosted 4/16/2013 12:08:08 PM
In my experience, it's always the one talking the most arrogantly about how pro they are or how easy a win it is going to be because they got a certain champion or doing that beaming positive attitude, "we got this." in champ select that fails the hardest.

The ones that rage and whine in champ select tend to win lane if not carry me. :)

The quiet ones are 50/50.
#3Pharaon24Posted 4/16/2013 12:12:00 PM
I've seen it go both ways though its always memorable when someone is cocky and feeds.