Watching pro commentary has given me a new perspective on Reginald and HotshotGG

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I chose the wrong day to eat spaghetti. It was either I spit it out in front of my computer or risk choking. I hate you.
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Since the beginning of the LCS

How much more clear do you want it?
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CLG and Curse are the only teams from NA that I think stand a chance against the non NA teams right now.

I think that CLG's map and combat sense may be to that level, but their overall strategy and flexibility is not. Any Asia or EU team that does a minute of research will ban Shen and shut them down.

The only saving grace of CLG is that if they can survive to the mid-late game, they do execute some clever map movement, unlike many other teams. If not for that, they would almost never win. However, that aspect will not be enough to carry them, IMO.

GG 2-0d both Azubus at the start of the year. EG and Fnatic can easily go toe to toe with GG.

Frost and Blaze are now second-tier Korean teams. They are the equivalent of CLG, although the spread of team skill in KR is more similar to EU (e.g. more teams worth a damn).

That's like saying Complexity lost at the start of LCS. Or Copenhagen Wolves. Try to stay vaguely up to date tyvm.

GG is literally the only team in Europe would could compete with the Asian teams and even then, they got absolutely facerolled by KTRB during MLG Dallas.

I wouldn't say that.

They got facerolled the first game hard because of Insec's absurd jungle Zed.

They ended up losing, but they took games off of KTB and the last two games weren't stomps either way. Of all the NA/EU teams, GG is the only real contender for competing against KR/CN. I think fNatic could, but it will be hit or miss. It seems like they will lose if the opposing team can deal with their overall strat. If not, they have a decent chance. In GG's case, even if the team can "handle" GG's strat, GG can still make it work. That is the difference.

The Curse games were definitely hilarious though. Something like 21 and 28 minutes. It was comical.

The best part is KTB isn't even top in KR, and WE/IG from China are insane.