Alex Ich plays a great Fizz, and now Dyrus is trying to learn him

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Not doing to well either.
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How does one manage to feed with Fizz
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Blocktopus posted...
How does one manage to feed with Fizz

I did it when played during his free week.
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From: Blocktopus | #003
How does one manage to feed with Fizz

i faced one top lane as Cho'gath. Easiest lane ever. Made him afk 5 minutes in
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I consider myself a fairly decent Fizz, but some games I feed uncontrollably it seems. Usually because my teammates will see me come back after I got a double kill on bot lane and think that they can make some play with me. They initiate something and I try to follow up and I get punished for it. And if I don't follow up on them they b****at me. Its really annoying sometimes that people seems entitled to make plays just because an assassin is nearby.

I really need to start rushing Zhonyas, which again is annoying because that wasn't ever in my early build.