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#1ForsakenhotcPosted 4/17/2013 1:11:07 PM
my account was hacked awhile back and they played like 50 ranked games and i'm stuck in bronze 3 i recently played in ranked and lost 5 in a row though i start my lane of 4/0 i play adc top or mid (adc is by far my best) i usually outfarm and completely kill the lane, but yet my team loses. would anyone wanna duo que that won't feed the lane and cost the game
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#2Naruto504Posted 4/18/2013 12:19:21 AM
yeah i would, but i would like to see u in drafted mode first.

name is EchoToHeaven, but if checked lolking, i did troll a game with my friend on kennen, so dont look at that game. and my situation is so god dam similar to urs. might not be able to play everyday thou. in bronze 2 btw
#3OptionsButtonPosted 4/18/2013 12:20:47 AM
Forsakenhotc posted...
my account was hacked

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nice try
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see si..... No, I can't do that to him
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