I can't last hit as Kayle for ****

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User Info: nissan skyline

nissan skyline
4 years ago#1
I love Kayle and I really do and if experience is supposed to be the best teacher, why can I still not last hit after a year of League? Early on, I find myself missing a chunk of CS and until I get my AS up to over 1.00, I just get frustrated. Once I do get it up, the enemy has at least 40% as much farm as I do and when I try to go in for kills, someone else magically gets it when I had every last ability + Ignite going on right before the last hit.

I just came out of a 54 minute PvP in which I tried going bot with Lux. Couldn't farm while Ez kept harassing me in lane. Lux fed the enemy Ezrael who had a Phantom Dancer before the 15 minute mark and started building AP soon after but things started looking up once the Kassadin who instalocked mid ended up 5/0. Didn't last long as we got picked off one by one while trying to farm/ward until the Kassadin descends into HURR FOCUS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. We managed to get an Ace once and even destroyed the 3 lane turrets and inhibitors only to get pushed out by enemy Hecarim + Ezrael just autoattacking everyone to death. I hurled my Q and autoattacked but out of the 19 assists I ended up with from trying to get kills, all but four of them were the result of me failing at last hitting.

Yes, I know BlogFAQs, no one cares, but I'm sick and tired of not being able to win anything just because I can't get something as simple as killing down.
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User Info: WFG_Elitest

4 years ago#2
because you went bot lane with Kayle

oh and i just actually read the whole post now, this has to be a level 15 game

User Info: Alom_o_mola

4 years ago#3
practice 1v1 against bots

trust me, it's worth it
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