Just got Great Leader

#1SuperSaiyinMaxPosted 4/18/2013 1:47:06 AM
Hi, I know this isn't something to be gloating about, but I have a few questions:

Which honor denominations determined this yellow ribbon? Teamwork + Friendly? Teamwork + Helpful?

I heard that there is a blue ribbon. Which honor denominations do I need in order to get that one? Will I even be able to get it now that I have the yellow one?

Can my yellow one be switched to a much less desirable one like Honorable opponent (I don't like red)? How do I prevent this?
#2ReonikkiPosted 4/18/2013 1:57:55 AM
Tell him to just give up those nukes for god's sake.
#3XxMistahKrazyxXPosted 4/18/2013 2:10:28 AM
Friendly is Blue