Nasus - Every ADCs worst nightmare?

#11aryanbrarPosted 4/18/2013 12:27:53 PM
_HeX posted...
aryanbrar posted...
Anyone with enough damage, at least one hard cc and tankiness to survive your burst. Pretty much all the top laners.
Special mention tryndamere he can 2 to 3 shot a carry. He's a melee anti-carry hyper carry.

Yeah well Nasus renders you useless with 1 ability, even if you're for some reason not the main focus Wither alone makes you useless in a teamfight.

The dog has no other cc besides that so its not bad. Its getting nerfed
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Nocturne tbqh.

If you're the only diver you'll probably die without killing anyone, not really a big fan of Nocturne.

you didnt get his joke :<
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