2 ADCs=0 Farm for everyone else...

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3 years ago#1
Just played a game where there was an MF bot and then our top(knowingly agreed to top) decided he wanted to try Vayne. Needless to say when team fights started I got 0 farm and was completely starved. They both were at like 300 cs and the rest of the team were ~120 if that. Just another reason why there should NEVER be more than one adc.
3 years ago#2
I went top yesterday as Lee with a Vayne, wasn't starved though the the Vayne was ahead of me by about 20 cs only.
3 years ago#3
Isn't Vayne top like a thing sort of?
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3 years ago#4
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3 years ago#5
im sorry but...when team fights started you were trying to farm o.o?

2 ad carrys = domination late game (if you spread out at least)

having 2 adcs with 300+ cs is a great thing to have later in a game xD besides any top laner could do that as well (not just another ad carry)
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3 years ago#6
Did you win?
3 years ago#7
omegaraijin posted...
Did you win?

No mid fed their Viktor hard and he snowballed the entire game and all 3 lanes got pushed. I was Jungle Nasus, and yes I was trying to farm because A) I was constantly 3 lvls behind the enemy team and B) I had hardly any Q farm under my belt. Our Bot did extremely well but it wasn't enough.
3 years ago#8
jungle nasus is not a farmer

gank moar

Tbqh it sounds like the problem wasn't two adcs. It was a fed mid and your team spending more time fighting creeps than taking objectives.
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3 years ago#9
Bhellium posted...
jungle nasus is not a farmer

I know hes not but if everyone on the enemy team is 3+ lvls ahead of me theres not a whole lot I can do but try and farm to get caught up.
3 years ago#10
2 adc's - one top one bot
1 support (tanky prefered) can go either lane, probably bot since the other teams duo will go bot
Tanky mid. (Galio)
Tanky jungle (Vi, Sej)

gg unbreakable wall of dps
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