Why is Leblanc fed in everygame that I see her in?

#1hello_indigoPosted 4/19/2013 10:32:22 PM
Even when she's on my team. Is she broken? If not how do you deal with her?
#2hello_indigo(Topic Creator)Posted 4/19/2013 10:33:07 PM
Btw the other mid is always feeding the Leblanc. It's crazy.
#3whitejedi21Posted 4/19/2013 10:35:22 PM
Use lots of potions. Build MR/HP early. Don't stay in lane at half HP. Proceed to outscale her in mid/late game.
#4aHappySackaPosted 4/19/2013 10:36:47 PM
She's the queen of win lane, lose game.
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#5Master_strikerPosted 4/19/2013 10:37:56 PM
That's what leblanc does. You HAVE to play safely vs her. It's either she gets fed and destroys everyone or she falls off.

It's pretty easy to shut her down, especially at your elo. If you're the jungle put pressure on her lane. Someone tanky that can withstand her burst and that can fight off anyone... Someone like Udyr the spirit summoner.
#6P00DGEPosted 4/19/2013 10:42:55 PM
Queen of Faceroll

Darius is her King
#7Dark Shooting StarPosted 4/19/2013 10:46:28 PM
Leblanc mid is like thresh/blitz support

When they're on your team, they get destroyed, lose mid horribly, and or land no grabs or grab the wrong person or grab minions

When they're on the other team, they're just one shotting your team and landing plat/diamond level grabs
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#8the_rowanPosted 4/19/2013 10:55:52 PM
People don't understand that you can make sacrifices in lane for the sole purpose of not feeding her and you'll come out way ahead.

Or they don't understand that you need to freaking spam your team with MIA pings and keep mid warded if you don't have a group call going any time you're taken too low to stay in against her.
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#9bighairycamelPosted 4/19/2013 11:02:32 PM
aHappySacka posted...
She's the queen of win lane, lose game.

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#10mutation10101Posted 4/19/2013 11:35:38 PM
aHappySacka posted...
She's the queen of win lane, lose game.

I thought that was Quinn?
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