Severely handicapped wrecks and gets a penta kill

#1_HeXPosted 4/20/2013 1:23:32 PM

Because of his disorder he can't use his hands, but he is still better than like 95% of this community. I'm impressed!
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#2thisisboris2Posted 4/20/2013 1:26:09 PM
didn't swifttoad post something similar to this
Eu is best anime character
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#3BhelliumPosted 4/20/2013 1:26:23 PM
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#4Flame_HazardPosted 4/20/2013 1:26:30 PM

I don't mean anything by it, but someone else was going to do it anyway.
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#5saltynut5Posted 4/20/2013 1:31:41 PM
When i've watched him stream, he has been in a sleeping bag and he looks like a rolled up tube of toothpaste
#6Luigy2693Posted 4/20/2013 2:06:29 PM
Whats he using to play with?
#7MwarriorHieiPosted 4/20/2013 3:08:37 PM
a computer