Would you play the following game type?

#1AceronPosted 4/20/2013 3:32:04 PM
Game type: Clone Draft.

Prior to character select, each summoner is randomly placed in order 1 to 5 and one team is randomly selected to go first. (For sake of example, we'll say the blue team goes first)

On the character select screen, summoner blue 1 is up first. Summoner Blue 1 has to ban a champion.
Once summoner Blue 1 bans a champ, summoner purple 1 has to select a champ.
Then purple 2 must ban a champ and blue 2 must pick a champ.
Blue 3 bans, purple 3 picks.
Purple 4 bans, blue 4 picks.
Blue 5 bans, then purple 5 picks.
The 5 champs picked are now the 5 champs that both teams will use. Each team has 90 seconds to decide which player will play which champ.

Then game as normal.
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