non-new skins you have literally never seen in-game

#31WarpedLizzardPosted 4/21/2013 3:44:14 PM
wantfastcars posted...
Any Katarina Skin besides High Command
Galio... oh you meant Skins? All of his, I guess. Hell, I've seen more URGOT players with skins than Galio.
Sejuani - second verse same as the first
Any non-Riot Girl Tristana skin
Any Nasus skin besides Pharaoh
Any Renekton skin
Recon Teemo
Hired Gun and Jailbreak Graves
Most of the limited-availability skins (Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

Wut, half of these skins are incredibly common, you must be new not to have seen Tristana skins, hired gun graves,Kat or Nasus skins.
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From: Hyohunny | #053
Sun Goddess Karma

Saw it the other day, post-remake.
That rack. THAT RACK.
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Thatonesmartguy posted...
Grey Warwick