I'm tired of people hating on my Support Syndra before a game even starts

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I try out the picks a lot in normals then bring in to ranked when I am positive I'd win.
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Heimerdinger is a good support too.. His turrets are like wards.

Free Wards ftw.

Too bad my team doesnt think so.

"Heimerdinger is a garbage you troll pick noob"

"Heimer is useless"

"OMG report Heimerdinger he camp turret like noob"

Heimer has the longest range stun in the game, basically free Wards that shoot back, has some massive slow with Crystal Scepter and his Ult and has a super long range poke, oh no but I'm trolling when I pick him.

Heimer is really good mid and as you said he can support if done right. Yet people call him trash. A good Heimer can freeze a lane like nobody else. You just have to change playstyles a bit.

You will never land it at max range unless they are afk

Omg this. No one cares about the range when it moves like a pregnant cow on a tricycle.
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Haters gone hate.
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As long as you keep this stuff in normals, I say do whatever the hell you want. People hate when I support Elise, and them freak out when they realize how strong it is. Even Jungle Elise gets hate from time to time.

Just last night I was playing a game that my team was all "Jungle Elise gg loss." I ended up soloing Baron 25 minutes in and getting my team incredibly fed. Like easily winning 3 v 5s while me and our mid were pushing lanes, and out not lane/top winning team fights.
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FlameLord23 posted...
I haven't tried my AD Sion mid because I know people won't approve.

That and I still suck as Sion.

jungle ad sion, most fun NA
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