I'm looking for a serious ranked team

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User Info: jonlaw101

4 years ago#11
Skul_ posted...
From: CHILLI_CORN_DOG | #009
Skul_ posted...
Join PantsAreForNoobs

We only have 2 members, but we are very serious. Very. Seriously serious.

Oh, and no wearing pants while playing a game. Thats our only rule. Or at least it will be when we play a game. Yeah. (Im 17, other team mate is like 11. Or 12. Or something. idk.)

can you not

Not what? Not be serious? No. We can not not be serious.

pls let me join i right application but you have no submit button i r best serious player.
It's like playing monopoly then flipping the board over when they land on mayfair,saying 'lol i do what i want its just a game' - SoulStrikes
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User Info: Alastreon

4 years ago#13
Biglabron posted...
_Ferdi_ posted...
Why did you write how old you are?

Some people care about age and maturity that comes with it.

completely true, but do note that there is a rather large amount of ragers that play league. Ive had to sort through 2x year olds who my team has deemed not qualified due to raging. For a proper team to succeed no one wants a rager on their team.

Not to mention,some teenagers are much more mature then some adults.
EDIT oh and to help TC.
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User Info: Gogandantess100

4 years ago#14
meh u can add me and see how things go,...can do any role but pref mid or adc

ign: p2kwarrior
xbl: P2K WARRIOR; Ashe only- lvl 99 13 espers 45 hunts 122333- collecting items
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