Vayne- BotRK and why I'm considering it,

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3 years ago#1
As Vayne, I almost always get BT first item. It's easy to see why, berserk greaves and a BT is a standard start, then go for PD.

I've been considering BotRK for it's max health properties. You could then go for items like PD and Statikk for max movespeed, and rely on multiple shots and your truesilver for damage.

3 years ago#2
shut up and support me
3 years ago#3
BotRK and then PD does less early/mid game damage than BT and then PD.

And do tell me how much a BT + PD will hit for and then tell me how much 8% true health damage is on a normal ~1800 hp tank at midgame.
3 years ago#4
BotRK is current health...
3 years ago#5
If you're going against a high health team absolutely go BoRK. My preference is to just go IE second since Bork has enough attack speed.

I've gone Bork then PD and it's just not my style. I feel like Vayne's true damage is really over-rated to rely on.
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3 years ago#6
Considering it? lol

It's basically standard, until they nerf it at least.
3 years ago#7
I've tried BOTRK for a while and I have to say unless I'm losing I'll stick with my Bloodthirster. Trying to get 3 shots in during laning is not worth it and too often it puts me in a bad position or opens me up to harass. Bloodthirster lets me poke with tumble a lot easier and from there I tend to rush a phantom dancer. BOTRK I'll go for when I'm losing my lane and can use the active for defense.
3 years ago#8
BotRK = useful vs tanky champs
no tank dont need
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3 years ago#9
That's standard. BotRK is in a very sweet spot right now do its useful stats, OP passive, and its ridiculous active.

Do -not- rush straight into an IE after BT. Vayne wants more AS. You aren't playing Ashe.
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