V for Vi skin.

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3 years ago#21
You people that hate V for Vendetta are Hobbit fans I'm guessing. v for Vendetta a little too fast paced?
3 years ago#22
why can't you be both hater
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3 years ago#23
Game Show posted...
I think V for Veigar would work better

Would be awesome but it would end too similar to Super Villain.
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Sun Tzu
3 years ago#24
Definitely Blizcrank Vi
Wearing the same suit and glasses but she's got the Blitzcrank gloves.
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3 years ago#25
shadyelf posted...
From: luigi33 | #011
Only if she wears nothing
Little Koko never had a chance...
3 years ago#26
V for vendetta isn't awful

The people who love the movie religiously tho make it insanely overrated however. plus the whole 4chan anonymous thing makes it that much more of a cheesey/overrated thing...

so no. i would never want this to be a thing. :/
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