I see a low health Teemo entering stealth

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User Info: LChaos2

3 years ago#31
From: Luigy2693 | #025
LChaos2 posted...
Happened to me as Ahri.

I wanted to see if Charm takes him out of stealth (found out it didn't. Too bad) and then he kept doing it lol.

But it does. I did it to a teemo under a tower a couple days ago. Teemos stealth breaks on movement and charm makes him move. Stealth doesnt make you immune to anything either

That's funny, the last time I did it, it didn't break stealth. I used Foxfire immediately after, and didn't home in on him.

Or maybe I'm just going crazy.
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User Info: _HeX

3 years ago#32
Use the pink ward I saved up for just such an occasion.
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User Info: Game Show

Game Show
3 years ago#33
Frosted_Midna posted...
Happened to me as Lulu (support).

Teemo was almost dead and I tried to find him. I threw a Q and I heard the noise as if something was there. I decided to use my ultimate on myself and I knocked him up, and then hit him with E to kill him.

Does the knock up force him out of stealth or did he try to run after that?
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User Info: Bhellium

3 years ago#34
goddamn TF
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  3. I see a low health Teemo entering stealth

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