Unpick/banned in S3SS, The Champions who need work

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3 years ago#11
Walker_Real posted...
Maybe they're good, but something needs to happen to refit them into current meta.

So far; I've noticed the following champions never got picked or banned.

Blitz ------------------------WUT
Gang Plank
Master Yi
Swain ------------------------Surprising

As others have mentioned, several of those champs fall into pubstomper territory or simply have a glaring weakness that pros can exploit easily compared to normal players. Doesn't mean they're bad, just not good at the highest levels of play. Fiora, Heimer, Poppy, and Rengar definitely need some love though.

Swain is gonna get popular soon. With Elise and Singed nerfed along with being banned and Rumble getting his ult toned down its only a matter of time before a pro picks him up as their go-to AP top option.
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3 years ago#12
but panth did get picked...
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3 years ago#13
So many things happened to Morde. Outside of his initial lack of CC and escape problem, he used to get resistance and armor so his shield's effective health was higher but now it means nothing with the S3 changes. Also when DFG was a God-like item on mana-less AP champs (cheap, CDR, and active to help burst), it would significantly add to his kill potential but that's thrown out the window so he's not as scary mid game anymore.
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3 years ago#14
literally not one of those on that list surprises me
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