Roles in order of most to least viable in solo queue (imo)

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Sadly most people don't realize how important support is.

Every role is important and 100% needed. When it comes to solo queue though, you're gonna have a real hard time winning by yourself as support compared to if you picked a role with damage and carry potential.

Well of course, but my point is a skilled support and average ADC is far more likely to win lane than the other way around. And winning bot lane is vital unless you want to drag the game super late.
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The key is that top and ADC are the most brain dead lanes. If someone rides the short bus to school and they're on your team, put them in one of these roles.
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If you're a bot laner or top laner you're gonna have a hard time winning the game by yourself. While carries are the ones carrying late game they spend laning phase doing nothing but farming and trying not to die. Junglers gank and have presence on the entire map, mids also spend a decent amount of time ganking and influencing the other lanes.

Roles that allow you to help other lanes >>>>>>>>>>> roles that anchor you to one place during lane phase.
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spald posted...
Sadly most people don't realize how important support is. Bot lane is won by the support, not the brain dead auto attack ADC.
Mid>jungle>support>top>minion luck>time of day>ADC.

Did anyone ever mention that bot lane feeds because the support does lousy initiations in low elo?
Happens to me, so I'm going with SP, Mid and Top.
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I'd actually swap ADC and support.

it's the easiest thing in the world to be a decent support in solo queue (effective? Well, that does depend on your team a bit)

ADC is too busy being raged at for dying to Xin/Noct/Etc while their team chases a singed.
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Roam > mid support > mid > adc > jengle > empty top lane