People should be able to be banned for post game chat.

#11jepaanPosted 4/27/2013 5:33:57 PM
P00DGE posted...
I think banning and reports are the biggest joke in this game. Everyone threatens others with reports, and act like it means anything (or even works). 50% of the reports aren't even reportable... it is a system "abused" by players in the sense that everyone uses it too much, but a broken system in the sense that bans rarely happen, and if they did, it is a f2p game anyway, so just make a new account.

Over 3 years of playing, I have been pretty damn toxic in normal games, and sent alot of kiddies home crying (and promising I will get banned) in my day, and over those 3 years, not even a WARNING from Riot.

It is getting hilarious. All these dudebros, whiteknights and children always threaten with reports, and I just laugh in their face, as do all the people I play with in Skype. Reports are such a joke.

People like you sure a blessing to any community.
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The only chat you should get banned for is game changing chat, like telling the enemy you're at baron or your jungle is low hp at red buff.

If you have a problem with profanity you should have never turned off the language filter. The default setting is having it ON.

If you have a problem with people making fun of you... don't worry you'll graduate Elementary School in no time and I promise you'll learn to deal with those big meanies.

Spamming? mute em' it's literally 1 click on the scoreboard now.
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Already in the works
mod me if you hear me