My one complaint about junglers

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3 years ago#1
When they don't camp the lane.

We just had a successful gank, by which I mean the enemy has lost some health, blew some escapes, and we didn't push the lane while also not taking much damage...

but we didn't get a kill and the enemy didn't B.

I cannot remember the last time my jungler stayed and reganked, and while I know it's not the best idea in most cases, it feels like it should be attempted more.
Just call me HTM
3 years ago#2
I find that if you just tell them to stay since it'd be an easy kill then they listen more often than not. When I jungle I tend not to bother if lanes aren't communicating properly.
3 years ago#3
I'm scared to type in lane most of the time :( I'm a baddie. Just getting used to unlocked camera
Just call me HTM
3 years ago#4
Seems like you're low level.

It gets better at higher levels/elo. Most junglers, if the opponent goes back to laning like it aint no thang, will just do a circle and re-gank.
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3 years ago#5
^Indeed. It's usually a good way to get a kill or two. Bait them to dive you :)
3 years ago#6
Yeah, I tend to go back and harass someone if I saw them burn a Flash the first time or stay in lane with half health.
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