woke up like 20 mins ago, already learned something new today

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YGOPro - DevPro server: http://devpro.org/
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already knew
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did you know you can spam laugh when zac splits into blobs? I always do it even when I know my blobs are done for
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This really does change everything.
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I found this out last week. I love it.
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It works during Zilean's revive

It's perfect combined with zil's laugh
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From: zeppelin312 | #005
this changes everything
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"Warwick are you jungling"
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zhe_king_of_ape posted...
Best ADC Main GFAQ

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g-cube_masta posted...
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my reaction as well\

From: Dartkun | #004
You can also do it while going B or during TF port.

People rage and tell me I'm being bad mannered.

I knew those ones, this one was less obvious because "stasis where you can't do anything"

I wonder if it works during GA or Zilean stasis

From: eco master | #006
would this be too big of a buff

Zhonya's Hourglass
- Automatically plays the champion's laugh track when item's active is used


we want people to train their laughing mechanics, not have it done for them

Works during Karthus and Zyra passive, and I assume but haven't tried Kog's.

I already knew the Zhonyas fact, give me a cool piece of information I don't know.
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