So, is Pantheon really that strong?

#11BlackBeetleborgPosted 4/25/2013 11:19:55 AM
If you can time it properly, you can block two turret shots, and then a third shortly after. And it really isn't hard to time. Add a jungler to the mix, and that's a couple of kills under you or your jungler's belt.

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#12BhelliumPosted 4/25/2013 11:22:03 AM
stupid cleaver and bt nerfs though

That said, Lizard Panth is pretty damn good.
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#13Waluigi1Posted 4/25/2013 11:28:41 AM
I guess most Panths I face just suck then because he always get's destroyed. And it seems like no one really knows when to ult. He always ends up ulting in too late and just getting destroyed immediately.
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iLikeQ posted...
MMG_ posted...
Melee version of tf.

This. Global ult and those stuns.

Never played Panth I see.