C/D "elo hell" is a term only crap players use to make themselves feel better

#11EnctPosted 4/25/2013 2:53:58 PM
if you got in bronze ever to begin with you probably aren't good enough to carry anything
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only bad scrublords believe in "elo hell".
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Master_striker posted...
flyguy101 posted...
As somebody who got placed in Bronze IV after a rough stretch, yes. I will say this, the lower you are, the harder it is to carry on your own.

Only if you're bad.

Yeah i know how bad bronze is, it's easy to get out once you understand how.

I mean, it depends game to game. As easy as it is to judge elo hell mentality, there are legitimate unwinnable games. You have more of those lower, but you also have more guaranteed wins. I, for example, got more of the former early. I was also in a 5v3 where 2 of their 3 fed. It is what it is.
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Doesn't exist. I only say it as a joke. Very easy to carry yourself from Bronze V to Bronze I. Kinda hard to get out of Bronze I because of clamping. And then it's easy from there.
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Box box is showing that no, it doesn't exist, see his smurf here:

Zekent as well in his placement matched here:

Now, I think Box box is diamond and Zekent I know is challenger, but they are showing that with enough skill, they don't exist.

Do they win all of the time? No, but they are good enough to carry in almost every game.
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