People only care about ranked because of ego and the end-of-season rewards

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I play ranked because you can see your stats and the players there actually play to win.
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Ranked is for tryhards.

I would rather enjoy myself in normals/customs without any pressure.

Rewards are too weak to make me even consider playing Ranked.

Sounds like you may just be a pansy. What pressure? This is a video game. There is nothing on the line except a number that means nothing.

Pressure... lol.

Some people like playing normals. Some like to play ranked, because they'll get better competition. Why is that tryharding?

Pressure = when you get 1 lp for a win and -20 for a loss. No thanks.

How is that pressure?

You might find enjoyment in this, dunno maybe you're a masochist.
I feel pressured by that simple mechanic since you can never rely on your Random teammates.

The fact itself that you're playing with randoms in a team based game makes your win/lose ratio 20% skill / 80% luck.

If i'm gonna lose because i have a *Bad Day* i'd rather do it somewhere where consequences are not that severe.

Also... i have a 12 hour work and can only play a few games a day which throws the idea of competitiveness out the window.

He's saying that it's not pressure at all unless you allow it to be, as your rank/lp is just a pointless title/number that bears no impact on your actual life whatsoever.

Unless your friends care about how good you are at video games. In which case that's a terrible friend.
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itt: bad mad bronze/silver scrublords who can't get past silver 1.
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Trolled softly
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